Rainbow Dolphin

It’s been… years.  Gracious.  So much has happened in the lapsed time since my last post, it would be difficult to cover all the triumphs and heartbreak.   I have a bit more time on my hands since graduating college and my kiddos are getting bigger, which also affords me more creating time.  I’m hoping to be able to revive this blog as a way to share my current projects and happenings.

About a month ago, someone asked if anyone would be able to make a rainbow dolphin for her daughter.  It was the only thing she’d asked for for Christmas.  I’d offered to make it for her and the journey into piecing the fleece began.

The pattern base was from Funky Friends Factory, Dizzy Dolphin.  I’d made several of these before, so I wasn’t new to the pattern.  I was, however, new to changing the pattern to be more of a paper pieced type, so I could piece together a rainbow that lined up all 3 body pieces.  That was quite a challenge and I went through a couple of line alterations to make the body work with the tail and nose pieces.

Here is the resulting Rainbow Dolphin for little Phoenix.

Rainbow Dolphin

Rainbow Dolphin
It was a challenge, but I am very happy with the results! I hope Phoenix has a wonderful, magical Christmas.


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1 Response to Rainbow Dolphin

  1. kitcheneris says:

    I’m so excited for him to open it! Five more days!!!

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