Snowdrop Flower Doll

I decided that I wanted to try making bendy dolls for a swap group that I’m in. It was a bit more involved than I thought it was going to be, but I have managed, with a little guidance from some other crafters.

I started by searching for pictures of Snowdrop flowers to get a better idea of how they should look and see better detail.  We won’t have snowdrops here for some time yet.

They are so delicate, it is a wonder that they are able to survive in the cold.Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.04.45 AM

I bought some bendy doll bases from an online seller and patiently, okay, impatiently waited for them to arrive. I couldn’t start making dress patterns or really anything until they got here.

Made of wool felt, linen thread, cotton embroidery floss, a seed pearl, and a cotton pipe cleaner, cotton cording, and of course the wooden bases which were wrapped in wool and needle felted to add some softness to the hard body.  A little bit of tacky glue holds on her hat.

Everything was made from drafting my own patterns for the clothes and flower.  The first dress I made has a neck that’s just a little too wide, but this one came out perfect. :)





Happy New Year!


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