Potholders for Christmas

Now that Christmas is over I can post all the things I’ve been working on for gifts. :)

My Mom said that she wanted potholders… so that’s what she got! I made a few for my Stepdad too, since he does a good bit of cooking.

My local fabric shop started carrying Insul-brite, so I snatched up a couple of yards and set to work.  I used scrap batting left over from making quilts and an assortment of fabrics that I had mostly on hand.
I made up a pattern from a potholder that I already had, since I liked the shape and design.

The Purple Green and Gold Potholders are because Mardi Gras is coming up and I thought Mom would like them. :)
Mom also requested some oven mitts, 2 specifically, so I made a pair of them, one fingermitt (the oval looking thing) and potholder to match.  The fingermitt… you put your fingers in one side and your thumb in the other them you grab a hold of your hot pot.
The Oven and Finger Mitt pattern I used is Here.
My Stepdad’s potholders and finger mitt have lighthouse print fabric.  He collects lighthouses so I try to give him something lighthouse every year.
My Mother-in-Law is a breast cancer survivor.  I thought she might like some potholders made from the breast cancer ribbon fabric.  It took a little bit to find the fabric, but I did eventually find some at a local quilt shop.  I apparently forgot to take pictures of them in my haste to finish wrapping everything before her arrival before Christmas.  Oops.

Note to self… take pictures.

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1 Response to Potholders for Christmas

  1. Resweater says:

    Those look great! What a great gift :) Your mom must have loved them!

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