After learning more about lighting and taking better pictures… I’ve finally made it onto Craftgawker!

This listing picture of my Blue and Green Set of 12 Gift Tags was accepted today!  *Happy Dance*  It’s my first time being accepted, after several rejections for lighting/composition issues.

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2 Responses to Craftgawker

  1. umeorigami says:

    I came across your gift tags this morning on craftgawker and I just wanted to say that I love them! It took me a while to get onto CG as well, but I will say that in my determination to make it, my photography has gotten better on my etsy as well. Best of luck!

  2. Colleen says:

    Thanks Ume! I've been trying to get better at taking pictures, and learning how to light things. Your little paper dolls are so cute! What a neat idea!

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