3 Pointed Hat – Crochet

Mardi Gras is coming and we are going down to visit my family in New Orleans.  Naturally Bennett needed a purple, green and gold hat.  It took a while to find the right colors of yarn, in the same weight, in wool, but I finally found some nice yarn at a local micro yarn shop. I like being able to support a local shop.

Bennett certainly had a good time.

I was having a hard time finding a free pattern for a three point hat, or a jester hat that would suit, so I started experimenting.  Here is the hat about half way through… trying on for size.

Later the same night after a few more rows and learning to make pom poms…. here is what the finished hat looks like.

And here he is trying it out for the first time!  It came out a little big, but that just means it will last a while.  The wool is quite a bit stretchier than the cotton I used on his elfin hat so he’ll be able to wear it for a long time.

I also tried out my experimental pattern in cotton in a two pointed style… making the points into little “ears.”   It came out in a 3-6 month size.  So now I can go up or down from there to figure out what I’d need for sizing.

I just finished another tester of my pattern in Wool.  It also came out in the 3-6 month size range, but because of the smaller gauge of the wool yarn, it has more rows and stitches around.

I’m thinking of writing this up as a pattern… something I’ve never done before.  We’ll have to wait and see.

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