Nook Cover

I needed to make a Nook cover/case for the my husband.  He finally decided that he wanted it made from the same green canvas that his Miniature Case is made from.  This was good, since I had some large scraps leftover.  I only had to buy the thread and black velcro.  The corrugated plastic was for strength, and durability.  My husband is in the military and needs things to be robust.

First I measured out about how big it needed to be and cut 2 pieces of corrugated plastic to fit.  I actually cut these down a little bit for a better fit.  Always better to start off larger than smaller. :)

I laid the plastic pieces on the canvas to figure out the right size I needed.  Then cut out the front, back, and a layer of batting to add a little bit of cushion.

After layering the body pieces with the plastic and nook, I tested it out for sizing and fit.

The Batting is between the plastic and the inner canvas layer.

I sewed an old BDU name tape on the inside, he didn’t want it on the outside.

Double layered pockets on the top and bottom of the Nook help keep it from sliding out either end and prevent dust from getting in the ports.

After sewing on the name tape and velcro and layering the canvas and batting inside out, I sewed around 3 edges then flipped it right side out and top stitched around the 3 sides.

I inserted the first plastic panel and sewed it in place by running a straight stitch along the edge.  My zipper food came in very handy here.

I did the same with the second panel then finished off the end by folding in the raw edges and top stitching it closed.  I added in some elastic bands anchored with more canvas for strength.  It was also decided to add another plastic panel to the flap to make it rigid.

The elastic pulls some when the cover is flat, but when the to end sections are folded around to the back everything lays flat.

The velcro also connects when the ends are folded around to the back keeping them from flapping around.

Here it is with the velcro flap open and then closed.

Since my husband gave me a Nook for Mother’s Day, I guess Version 2.0 will be in production soon. :)

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