Stash Busting

Over at the Purl Bee there is a great tutorial for making these simple fabric stash baskets or…buckets.  I find it is more like a bucket so that is what I’m calling it.

So I made one yesterday out of want and necessity.

 I’ve had a growing pile of cashmere and wool scraps collecting on my cutting table.  I don’t dare throw them away because they are still good for appliques or to cut up for stuffing, but I didn’t have a place to keep them.  This bucket idea sounded grand.

I had plenty of the white with red swirly fabric left from making my nook sleeve. Out of my fabric stash, I pulled a nice red with white polka dots for the inside of the bucket.  I already had some stiff Pellon fusible stuff… just enough actually.  Yea for using up stash fabric!

I’m rather happy with the results and would like to make a nesting set of these for storage in my sewing area.  I’d love to make the others in co-ordinating red and white fabrics…. which I also already have.

I bought this cute St. Jude fabric when it was on sale a while back.  I didn’t have a project in mind when I bought it, I just loved the colors, but  yesterday it came  it mind.  I thought it would be great for a wetbag to take to the pool for our towels and suits.

I ended up with a wetbag about 17 x 20, which is plenty big enough for 2 towels, 2 suits, and any other hats, cover ups or wet clothes.

It is nice to have a dedicated wetbag for swimming… so I don’t have to pilfer one from the diaper wetbags to take to the pool.

This was also made entirely from stash materials.  I have a ton of PUL that I got through a co-op and I need to use some of it up!  I also had a light blue 20 inch zipper in my zipper bin, so I didn’t have to buy anything to make this!

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