From the Linen Closet

Since moving into Our new house, I’ve had to lay hands on just about everything we own.  We have so many lovely things that never see the light of day.  Some of those shouldn’t be exposed to prolonged light just because they are delicate, but others should get more use.  I’ve vowed to use more of the “nice things” that we have and to enjoy them.  After all, why have them if you don’t use them?

We spent a few years overseas in Germany and I acquired quite a few vintage and antique linens.  I loved them, that’s why I have so many!  I was especially attracted to the redwork and bluework embroidery pieces.  I would pick through mounds of textiles to find that special piece that would make my heart sing.

Here is one of my favorites…

It is a German over-towel.  They were used to cover up plain everyday towels.  This one is linen and completely hand embroidered in blue with the following:

Ein helles Feuer
Ein freundlich gesicht,
Ein braves männlein mehr brauch ich nicht.

Which in English means: 
A bright Fire
A friendly face
A good Husband, more I do not need. 

Thank you Martin for a better translation than I was able to come up with on my own.

The embroidery is very even and detailed. It looks like she is cooking Knödelen which are dumplings made from potatoes or bread which have been poached.  It makes be a little homesick for Germany.

I love the saying, I love the embroidery.  It is perfect, no flaws, no holes!  A perfect find for a rainy afternoon.   I’m going to hang it in my kitchen, probably over a cabinet door, or maybe my backdoor.  I want to enjoy these wonderful things and not keep them hidden away in a drawer.

Open one of those drawers in your house that you haven’t looked in for a while… and see what you find!    Maybe you’ll find a cherished piece of lace that got shoved to the back of the drawer, or maybe just a simple thing that evokes a happy memory.

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