Pillow Re-Do

When I was pregnant, my husband bought me a body pillow.  We both thought it would be fabulous, but it was huge in the bed, bulky, and uncomfortable.  So for 2 years it has sat unused in our basement.

When we moved and were unpacking I thought about putting this pillow on our futon in the library.

It is not a fabulous shade of blue for decorating and has an unsightly white zipper on one end, so I decided it needed a makeover.

I stripped off the blue poly/cotton blend cover and salvaged the zipper.

I had this spiffy cotton fabric that I’d picked up at IKEA a couple of weeks ago.  It was a remnant and I hadn’t bought it with anything in mind, I just liked the fabric.  I thought it would be great as a new cover for the body pillow.

The pillow form was made from blue striped mattress ticking. Joy.  This meant that I needed to put a lining behind my new fabric, since the blue stripes showed through.  I always have white muslin on hand so that is what I used.

Basically I just made a huge version of my Nook Sleeve Tutorial to fit the pillow form.  I reused the zipper, which with the white fabric is not nearly as obvious as it was with the blue.

I’m really happy with the result!  It cost me about $7 in fabric and materials for this Pillow Re-do.

I think it makes a nice addition to our upstairs hang-out spot, the Library.

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