Jane Fabric

I’m a huge Jane Austen fan and I wanted some fabric that had her silhouette on it.  I toyed with the idea of screen-printing,  but I just don’t have the time, money, and space to do it properly.  Having a 2 year old also is counterintuitive to screen-printing… oh paint!

I’ve been playing around with fabric design on Spoonflower.com for a couple of months.  I love the idea of being able to order fabric of my own design!  Provided I’m able to execute it the way I want… that is.  

Today I received 3 proof swatches for some fabric that I designed with Jane Austen’s silhouette!  I’m so happy with them, I must share!

They are simple and uncomplicated, but that doesn’t mean it was easy to do!  I’m not a graphic designer, I would much rather draw something out with pencil and paper, so this really was challenging for me.  I decided to make 3 different background colors, a dusty blue, a light blue and white.

I’m planning to order some yardage to make some library pillows.

Since I have approved the proofs, the designs are now for sale on Spoonflower on a variety of different fabrics!

Visit my Spoonflower profile page if you are interested, and tell your Janeite friends! :)

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