Upcycled Cashmere and Wool Hats

I’ve been busy making bunches of wool and cashmere hats!  It gets quite cold here in the evenings and I’ve started to see birds heading south. Fall is fast approaching. I’ve been sewing as much as I can to get stocked up for the cooler weater and the coming holiday season.  Here is a little of what I’ve been working on….

0-3 light grey cashmere baby hat with red lambswool star applique.

12-18 Month dark blue fair isle wool hats lined in grey cashmere and a red and white fair isle wool hat with red cashmere lining.


More Flannel receiving blankets…

My son has one of these friendly monster blankies and loves it!

This Flannel Blanket is made from M’liss Forest Glen fabric, so sweet but not too pink! :)

And some of my recent customs…

A lambswool and cashmere pumpkin hat. :)

An Adult sized cloche in Paton’s merino wool.
A plain dark brown newborn cashmere.
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8 Responses to Upcycled Cashmere and Wool Hats

  1. Ms. Diva says:

    The weather has turned here so I must start making the boy some hats for his little bald head and eas!!!

  2. soooo true.. Fall is definitely here, and winter kicking i right behind, it.. Found ya through a Blog hop, and soooooo glad I did.. These are just ADORABLE…. I'm your newest follower, and looking forward to more.. Will definitely be back when the gremlins take their nap.. hehehehe (= If you get a chance to head over… we're @ http://mommyingonthefly.blogspot.com/

  3. Melly says:

    Hi there from BH…stop on by & check us out *we're new*http://www.beckhamandbloom.comA breast-feeding, baby-wearing, home-birthing, (don't call me a vegan) vegan, etsy-selling, dish-throwing, husband-training, thrill-seeking, homemade-cooking, life-living, craft-doing, god-willing, always-blogging, deal-grabbing, thrift-shopping, fake nail- wearing, root-covering, coach-having Mommy Queen.

  4. Angela says:

    Thanks for following Mommy Time Out! My daughter LOVED your monster fabric!

  5. K says:

    How talented you are! New follower from blog hop.~Kbigklittlea.blogspot.com

  6. Hi! I'm following you from Twee Poppets. You have a great blog! Will definitely be back to visit.Tina "The Book Lady"http://familyliteracyandyou.blogspot.comhttp://givingnsharing.blogspot.comhttp://holidaygiftsandmore.blogspot.com

  7. Colleen says:

    Thanks for following everyone!

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