One Gnome Costume – Check

I finished Little Bit’s Halloween costume… He’s a Garden Gnome!

His hat is made from a lambswool sweater and his beard is a lambswool and angora blend.  Both recycled wool sweaters of course. :)
I went rummaging in the wool fabric bin and found a 1 1/3 yards of this nice blue wool, light enough to wear on it’s own, or layer when it is cold.  It was a remnant that I bought in Germany a few years ago.  It is such a nice fine wool I couldn’t pass it up.  I’m glad it has found a use. :)  
After Halloween, Little Bit will some more use out of the tunic, since we play in the SCA, with the Barony of Blatha an Oir.  He needed new garb anyway, and he still needs more, but we’ll work on that another day.
I used some 1/8 inch elastic on the beard to hook it over his ears and around the back of his head… it was the only thing I had to buy!  All the fabric and thread was from my stash!  Yeah stash busting. :)  

We went with a group to a local nursing home/elder facility yesterday morning to visit and the kids did a parade for the residents. 

Here is Little Bit carrying his Halloween bucket that I made him last year. :)
Afterwards we drove down to Schilter Family Farm for some pumpkin picking… in the mud.
Much fun was had. :)

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3 Responses to One Gnome Costume – Check

  1. Benge Family says:

    My Little Miss will/has been a princess with southern belle-style hoops. The dress was made by modifying a dress pattern I already had, out of satin I found on sale online. The hoop skirt is muslin with metal hoop boning, also found online. My not-so-little-anymore Little Man says its not cool for me to make his costumes, so was a bounty hunter from Star Wars via Amazon.So far we have gone trick-or-treating at the Zoo, and done the costume parade at school. We still have 2 more events to attend, so they'll get lots of use, plus the costumes will go into the dress-up boxes for playing with throughout the year.

  2. ooo…it's so cute, the little gnome picking pumpkin, so cute there.. :)

  3. Ah, cute! I love the beard

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