Still Here

I’m sorry for being so absent lately.  My classes have ben eating up my time lately.  I had two weeks of midterms for one class and finals and term papers in two others.  I’m down to one class now, so I have a little more time on my hands, but the holidays are now bearing down on me.  So much to do!

Even with all the chaos, I managed to finish this bookcase that I started in September.

 I bought this bookcase at a thrift shop for $10.  It was coming apart at the corners and had been badly stained, but the wood was solid and would be great with a little TLC.

I took the back off and set to work sanding and cleaning it up.

Here you can see the bad stain job on the backing.

With a little Gorilla Glue and some clamps I got the corners back to stable and it no longer wiggles from side to side.

A little more sanding after the glue set and it was ready for paint.

Ta Da!

I used plain semi-gloss white Valspar paint, two coats.  I covered the back in a layer of batting and red and white fabric from my stash.  It matches my fabric bucket that I made last spring. :)

I still love red and white.  This shelf is going in my studio for some badly needed storage space!

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  1. Brandy says:

    Wonderful blog! Hoppin over from Tuesday's Blog Hop! Now a new follower would love for you to stop by if you get a chance

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