The Week in Wool

This is what I’ve made this week from upcycled wool and cashmere sweaters….mostly hats, and one lone owl.

3 newborn sized gnome / pixie hats… All made from 100% lambswool.  I was destined to spend the rest of the week in pinks… so I’m glad I got some boy-ish colored things finished early in the week.

I had a request for some pink toddler and baby hats from a friend… so I made up several.

This pink merino wool hat is lined in cashmere and has a small appliqued wool star.  Made from the ManiMina Pattern with permission.

Another custom, a black cashmere knot hat with a fuchsia organza flower.  
Also a custom that went out this week is another pink owl, cousin to the first two that I made last year. I love how she came out.  :)  Made from cashmere, wool, and wool roving needle felted eyes.  

As ever, if you like my owls, you’ll love the owl paintings of Quirky Dame, my inspiration.
I have 3 more ManiMina hats cut out and 2 more black cashmere that are nearing completion.   
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2 Responses to The Week in Wool

  1. Anna says:

    Those owls are just the cutest things ever. :) Love the hats too!

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