Dyeing Play Silks

Play silks are great for imaginary play.  Unfortunately they can get rather expensive if you buy them already made.  I really wanted a nice set for my son’s third birthday so I set out to dye my own.

Dharma Trading has great prices on plain white silk scarves and they came highly recommended, so I went with them.

Today, while Little Bit slept, I Kool-Aid dyed some more play silks for his birthday.  I found an awesome tutorial at Confessions of a Stash Junkie.  There is also a neat color guide at Tried and True.

Here are the results:

1, 36×36 orange (this was a re-dye, as it didn’t turn out the first time.)
1, 36×36 blue (a duplicate of one I already made)
2, 8×54 rainbows
1, 22×72 rainbow
and 1, 6×24 pink.
One of the 8×54 rainbows, the blue and the little pink ones are a birthday gift for a friend’s daughter.
I’m rather pleased with how this batch came out.  
The ones I made before are all 36×36 and solid colored. 
Red, Purple, and Gold (accidental, but pretty)
Blue, Pink, and Green

Since I still have some time before Little Bit’s Birthday, I’m thinking of getting some more blank ones and making a batch for party favors. 
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5 Responses to Dyeing Play Silks

  1. Benge Family says:

    I wonder if my daughter is too old for these… I'm thinking not, but you never know with her…

  2. Colleen says:

    Maybe, do your kids still play dress up or make tents? Some of the bigger ones might do better since they are older.

  3. Benge Family says:

    The Girl still does dress up and such and they both like making tents… I think I've got a science project lined up for when school starts… They'll get credit for this!

  4. Geez…my apartment is all decked out in a sort-of bohemian/Moroccan/eclectic Indian decorating theme,and I think I could find use for these in one of my home projects!! About how much did it cost to make these?? I'm a thrifty gal who is trying to learn more DIY projects and basic crafty skills!!

  5. Colleen says:

    The cost really depends on the size of scarf that you buy. I bought my plain white scarves from Dharma Trading, link in post. The Kool Aid is about 20 cents a packet, and for my large 35×35 scarves I used 4 packets, so less than a dollar for the dye per scarf. I figured my cost with shipping to be about $6-7 each. If you were to buy them, they cost upwards of $15 + shipping each.

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