A Great Day

Normally I would avoid taking 2 kids shopping at all costs, but I really needed to get to the grocery store.  So with Bennett in the cart and baby Etienne on my back in a Beco carrier, I braved the Commissary on a pay day. Madness, I know.  I got there early, and found it oddly empty.  Normally on the 15th it is a crazy house, but I found some peace and calm there today.  Etienne was fast asleep in minutes and Bennett let Doggie drive the cart, turning the wheel mounted in front of him.

We wound around the aisles getting only what was on the list, okay we did get bananas and a toothbrush too, but mostly stuck to the list. :)  Pear were on the list, but they didn’t look great and were as hard as rocks.  So I guess it’s a fair trade and I really really needed a new toothbrush. We didn’t rush or dash from place to place, but took our time.  Bennett talked about the valentines he got at school yesterday and about his card from Nana.  It is just the simple things that make being 3 fun.

After about an hour we went and checked out only to find that Bennett’s hat was missing.  I knew he took it off at some point, but didn’t realize it had gone on walk about from the cart. Bennett got quite upset, as this was his very favorite hat.  So we took the groceries to the car and went back to look for it.  We walked through nearly the entire store and found that some nice person had picked it up off the floor and placed it on a shelf near the frozen foods.

Needless to say he is a happy camper again.  It would have been near impossible to find that exact sweater to make another hat out of, so I’m happy too.

Here he is at the aquarium a few weeks ago sporting his green stripy hat.

 Despite the lost and found hat, we had a great day.

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