More Sashiko Rabbits

Well, it took me well over a month to finish this sashiko panel, but it’s done! Lots of other things needed doing… other projects, school exams, and busy bags. :)  This is a long term project anyway.

So here are the results.

The rabbits are simple with a geometric rectangle pattern. I made this one with blue thread, the first rabbit was made with red.





I love how the rabbits are all a little different from each other.  




Next up is a Dragonfly pattern!  I’m doing it in purple!  So I think I’ve settled on red, blue, and purple for the colors for Etienne’s quilt. :)


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6 Responses to More Sashiko Rabbits

  1. They’re gorgeous!! Do you handstitch them? :o

  2. Ria says:

    So cute! I could look at those rabbits all day!

  3. Michelle says:

    Do you have a pattern for this? I’d love to buy it.

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