101 Uses for Plastic Kitty Litter Containers

This is an idea I came up with the other day to help people reuse and repurpose the containers left from buying and using kitty litter. I’ve been reusing them around my house for a while now and thought other people may like to discover ways to use theirs. Of course you would clean out any litter dust before reusing the container…. just had to say. I only had time to get 8 pictures together today.

I made a flickr set for “101 Uses for Plastic Kitty Litter Containers.” Product labels have been fuzzed out so as not to get in trouble with the kitty litter folks, or anyone else.

So Far…
#1 Bucket, I have my Christmas Tree soaking outside in one
#2 Garbage Can, mine is in the laundry room for dryer lint

#3 Salt Storage, Keep in the garage to store Winter salt, a 28
pound litter container holds 40pounds of salt.
#4 Recycle bin, great for paper, glass, plastics, and cans

#5 First Aid Kit, when camping having a dedicated container keeps our bandages etc. dry and off the ground! At home it serves as extra storage.
#6 Yarn Storage! Keep skeins and balls organized easily.

#7 Yarn Keeper. Don’t buy one of those expensive yarn keepers! Carve out a hole in the lid of your litter container and put tape round the edges to prevent snagging and you have a yarn keeper! Perfect to keep balls of yarn away from playful kitties and children.

#8 Tool Box. Since these

containers stack nicely, they are great for garage storage! Don
‘t spend your money on buying another tool box, Store those odd tools and things in litter containers
Keeping to lid on keeps critters out!
More uses for kitty litter containers coming soon!
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