Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Thanks to the people at
Trees For Troops and E-Mar Acres, we have a lovely Christmas Tree in our home. I had to wait until Monday to put it up, because I needed to get a big play yard to put around it. Can’t have little people pulling down the tree. So now it is up, trimmed, and beautiful!

It is decorated mostly with ornaments we bought while in Germany, but there are
quite a few from my and my husband’s childhood.

I’ve also put up our red stars in the front window and on the back door.

Since I had the holiday decorating finished and my term paper submitted, I did get to do a little sewing yesterday. I cranked out a bunch of flannel blankets yesterday and have them listed in my Artfire shop.

In an effort to help new Artfire shops become discovered shops…. I’m going to give a hand and help out.

Check out the lovely paintings by CreativelyAwakened, who is also graciously donating 20% of December profits to The Women’s and Children’s Alliance.

Look at this pretty hand painted martini and shaker set! What pretty colors!
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