A Month

What a month it has been.  I left Kentucky on February 8th to go to New Orleans to visit my family.  I had intended to stay about a week there which, after smashing my car ended up being more of a month.  I did manage to get around to visiting with a lot of family, so that is good.   The car is fixed finally and I’ve begun the trek northward.  I’m visiting more family along the way home and should be back home on Sunday.  I’m very ready to get back home and get back to some serious sewing.

What I did on my unintentional extended vacation… heh.

I hemmed a curtain that was dragging on the ground.  With the left over fabric, I made a matching draft dodger for the front door.  I stuffed the draft dodger with plastic grocery bags for volume and dried beans for weight.  I think it came out great and there was no fabric waste!

I did a couple of minor clothing fixes… a button here and a hook and eye there.  I also zigzagged a set of place mats and runner that like to unravel themselves in the laundry.

I bought flannel fabric for making baby blankets.

Mardi Gras day was nice and sunny.  So Little Bit only wore is hat for a little while then I put it in the stroller.  Someone made off with my son’s hat. :(  I had brought that same yarn with me so I set to making him a replacement.  It is almost exactly the same as the first one, but it is a little shorter in length and I started in purple instead of green.  It still looks super cute on him though!

I found a nice little yarn shop in Metairie and got my hands on some black and gold wool.  I made a tester black and gold striped hat with 2 pompoms, 3-6 month size and a pair of booties, 0-3 month size.  The booties also have little poms.

I also made quite a few crochet cotton rounds and developed a new pattern for a soap saver! I made one for my mom, and kept one for me!

I might get a couple of pictures up later…. but I need to find the camera first.

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