Adventures in Reclaiming Yarn

Since the beginning of my journey into recycled wool sweaters, I’ve been looking for the perfect sweater to frog.  Finding a nice weight wool sweater, that hasn’t been felted, feels nice, had good frogging seams, and that wasn’t full of holes has been a challenge.  I finally found one worthy of the time it takes to do this undertaking.

I finally found this!  A big light blue, super soft, 75% Merino, 25% Angora blend!

After taking apart the sweater at all the seams, and finding a knotted mess of threads under the V neck section, I finally got down to frogging and found the yarn to be 2 ply.

I tipped over a chair and used the 4 legs to unwind the yarn around.  I unwound the back section of sweater first.  

Little Bit thought the yarn was very yummy and kept laying his face on it and touching it…. so soft!

After all the yarn was frogged I tied it up with some acrylic yarn to keep it all together for washing and drying.

This is before washing.

After washing and during drying/hanging.

I used some water bottles to weigh down the yarn to stretch it out and help get the kink out.

It is all finished now and I weighed it and have about 240 grams of yummy yarn to play with.

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