Cashmere Makes Yummy Hats!

I’ve been Sweatering….

That is… scouring local secondhand shops for usable wool, cashmere, and wool blend sweaters….  Here is a picture of the yummy colors of cashmere sweaters I’ve reclaimed.

Last week I set to making baby hats.  Here are a few that were made from the blue and pink sweaters.  I still have a good bit left to use!

I also made a toddler sized hat for Little Bit to wear on St. Patrick’s day from the light green cashmere.  It is sooooo soft and yummy!  It will be great for those cold snaps March seems to throw out.

If you are interested in Reclaiming wool sweaters for felting, sewing, or crafting… please visit for a wide selection of sweaters to upcycle, reuse, and love!
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