Little Apron for Little Bit

I’ve finally finished Little Bit’s apron.  It has been sitting unfinished since January.  A combination of school and travels left it by the way side… but now it’s finished in time to be tucked into his easter basket.

Today I basically started with the pieces in various forms.  I had the pocket and body cut out, and bias tape at the ready.  I had to go digging for the little d-rings, and found them hiding in my sewing table cubby.

I pinned the pocket to the front and sewed around the edges and reinforcing the seams at the corners.

After making the pieces for the ties and neck straps I pinned them to the back for placement so I’d have them in the right place when the binding went on.

Here is the finished apron after the binding and tie reinforcements where finished.

The turtle fabric was given to me by my Mother-in-Law and is a nice heavy cotton.  The green fabric I used for the binding  and pocket is M’liss, Wrapped in Love, that I got on clearance after Christmas. :)

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2 Responses to Little Apron for Little Bit

  1. The4Rs says:

    Love this apron, your binding lays down so nicely. Like your blog, glad you are a follower of mine! I'll add myself tonight!

  2. Colleen says:

    Thanks! I make most of my binding by cutting on the bias. It lays down better that way. :)

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