Bunnies for the Basket

Here are the results of 2 of the many great bunny tutorials I’ve seen this past week. With Little Bit’s Easter basket to fill I figured these would be perfect.

I found The Purl Bee’s finger puppet bunny tutorial through Lil Fish Studios.  Lil Fish also used recycled wool for her bunnies!

They work up really quick!  I made this one this afternoon.
He was made from leftover felted cashmere sweater scraps.  I made a little cashmere scrap tail for him, instead of a pompom.  I used wool yarn for the nose, eyes, and hand sewing the body.  I didn’t change anything about the pattern, as it is perfect just the way it is!

Tutorial 2 is one I just happened upon after seeing a different bunny that my cousin was making.  I went to the site where she got her pattern and found this one by accident.  It is called RevoluzZzionary Easter Bunny, but I just call it Lovey Bunny because of it’s heart.

I worked on this one during 2 evenings.  I changed a couple of things about this pattern to suit what I wanted it to look like.  I added the ear and tail applique to give it a little something extra.  I also changed the shape across the bottom.  The pattern calls for it to be straight across, but as I was beginning to stitch up the bottom after stuffing I altered it to look a little more like feet.
I used a wool yarn for the eyes, nose, and all the applique stitching.  Lovey Bunny’s body and appliques are recycled cashmere sweaters!

I used the really small  left over scraps from cashmere sweaters and Wool yarn bits to stuff Lovey Bunny…. here he is getting stuffed.

Here are a couple of more pictures of Puppet Bunny and Lovey Bunny contemplating their new existence and the thought of being loved by a 19 month old in a few days. 

I like to think they are practicing for hide-and-go-seek!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Here we come!
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3 Responses to Bunnies for the Basket

  1. Oh my goodness, they're both wonderful! I love the additions you made to the bigger bunny. It has a great simple shape that little ones love. Very cute, and I LOVE that you made it out of cashmere. Yummy! I use wool scraps like that too in all of my stuffed goods. :D

  2. Christi says:

    Super cute and what a great reuse project! Plus I bet they're extra cuddly because of the cashmere.

  3. Colleen says:

    Awe, Thanks Lisa. :) I specifically used the cashmere to make the plush one extra huggable!

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