Garden Gnome and Lamkins

The weather has turned a bit colder here in the past week and the sun goes down noticeably sooner.  Little Bit’s after dinner romp in the garden therefor requires a hat of course!  Here are just a few pictures of him in the garden, being my little garden gnome.  His green stripy hat was made from a felted wool sweater and the ribbing is so stretchy that he’ll be able to wear this for several years… it actually fits me.  I have a 3-12 month sized one available in my shop and it comes in hot pink stripes now too!

Gnome flower inspection is underway.

He loves playing with my old dolly stroller.

Digging up rocks and burying them again is a great gnome pastime.  The poor bean plants have seen better days.  We’ve been having nights temps in the 40s. 
We’ll be getting a ton of tomatoes and onions from the garden very shortly.  I bought some chiles today at the farmers market to make salsa!
In other news I finished another commission today.  A friend wanted a little Lamkins for a gift and I was happy to oblige her.  Made from the Funky Friends Factory Lamkins pattern with permission. 
Though the pattern says it is supposed to be 9 inches tall, Lamkins only came out to right at 8 inches.  I don’t know what I did in error, but I guess I’ll figure it out when I make another one. 
I just adore how cute she came out.  Just perching on my hand and smiling away. Sweet little lamb.
Made from a cream colored merino wool and tan and pink cashmere upcycled sweaters, so soft!  I need to find some nice ribbon to put around her neck.
 My cousin, on seeing the pictures of this one, asked for one for her little boy.  So more Lamkins are on the way!

There is one little Lamkins left in my shop… just waiting for a new home. :)

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2 Responses to Garden Gnome and Lamkins

  1. Michelle says:

    Too cute!!! I'm going to have to show my husband and see what he thinks…

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