Busy Busy Busy!

I know I haven’t done a real update in weeks…sorry.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in Astronomy, Environmental Health, and Biology… my university courses for this semester.  Papers, tests, and now midterms. Ugh!

I have managed to get a lot of sewing done too though.

Here is Lenny the mutant frog from a couple of weeks ago and his normal counterpart…

Two little lamkins in fleece…

A scrappy Bunny in peach, pink, cream and purple (tail) cashmere.

Three more lamkins plushies made from upcycled cashmere!

Here is Raff the Griaffe in fleece looking very curious.
All these animals were made from Funky Friends Patterns with permission. :)  
I also finished some crochet work, but the pics aren’t edited yet. 

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