Birthday Bunting

I knew Spoonflower had a bunting contest a while back so I thought I’d look there first when I decided to make a birthday bunting.  I found several that I liked, but the moment I saw Inktree Press’s Birthday Bunting I knew that was it! 

It won’t be hanging on the fireplace mantel on Birthday Day, but I need some more command hooks before I can hang it up for the party next weekend.
Happy… And a Hedgehog on an H.

I loved these little mushrooms. There are also teeny tiny ones on the D and one of the P letters.

Nothing like a waving gnome to add in some serious cuteness. :)

Here is the D with the little Deer.  I love that all the letters have an object or animal that starts with that letter.  You can also see the some of the red backing that I used.

I didn’t follow her directions exactly because I didn’t want a pinked edge, but one that was crisp and clean. So I cut a 1/4 inch seam allowance on each of the long sides of each triangle piece and sewed the backing to the front right sides together.  After flipping at the short side opening I just ironed everything nice and flat and lined up all the letters and pinned them to the bias tape.  
For a backing used some red fabric with white stars on some and red with white polka dots on others.  I didn’t have enough of either to do all of them.  Both backing fabrics were stash fabrics! I also had to buy the red bias tape, since I didn’t have nearly enough for the full length.  It took almost the entire pack, 3 yards.  I really wanted to bring out the little bits of red and make it more vibrant.  I added some wide  grosgrain ribbon to the ends for a little added tying length in a matching red. :)
The fabric came printed with triangles numbered 1st, 2nd, 3rd… up through 10th for attaching to the banner.  I haven’t made them up yet, as I’m on a time crunch and my machine is going in for repairs tomorrow morning.
Most store bought banners are only good for a few uses before they get tattered looking.  I love that we will be able to use this banner for years to come!
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