Except for ice water, I haven’t been craving much as of late, but yesterday I wanted deviled eggs so bad.  Little Bit is allergic to eggs, so I don’t buy them because we don’t use them.  I posted my yearning on facebook and my friend Roberta happened to have 5 dozen surplus eggs!  She dropped by this morning with a dozen lovely eggs just for me.

Half of them went immediately into a pot of boiling water for deviled eggs.  I threw in one extra to make some tuna salad for lunch.

This also meant that I got to use my woefully neglected polish pottery egg plate. :)

I was very well pleased with my deviled eggs and tuna salad sandwich.  I haven’t decided what to do with the other 5 eggs, maybe I’ll make some fried eggs for myself and make hubby an egg omelet tomorrow for breakfast.

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