Well, our first snow has turned into quite the storm.  The entire Pacific Northwest has been heavily blanketed in snow.  We had about 12 inches yesterday and lots of fun was had playing in it.

Now the snow has a beautiful layer of ice on top and while pretty to look at, it isn’t a great idea to get out in it.  

 The trees are all bent over from the weight of all the ice and snow. And I can hear and sometimes see the branches crashing down.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose power in the next few hours.
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2 Responses to Snowmageddon

  1. Just looked at your storm on the radar, and I sure hope it lets up before it reaches Minnesota – I'm rather enjoying our mostly snowless winter! Those frosted evergreens sure are pretty though! :)

  2. Colleen says:

    They were beautiful, though I'm sad to see so many damaged. One around the corner lost its entire top! I hope you faired well if the storm passed your way.

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