Homemade Valentines

Bennett really enjoys making crafts, and as he gets older there are more that he can do by himself.  This makes him infinitely happy.

I came across a fun way to use a toilet paper roll at Prudent Baby. The original post is from Rust and Sunshine.  You take a toilet paper roll and shape it into a heart to make a stamp!  Brilliant!

He made a bunch, about 12, to give out at his class Valentine’s Party.

I had everything already on hand, a pack of 4.5 x 6 cardstock sheets, red acrylic paint left from painting some wooden letters, and a toilet paper roll, of course.  A bit of scotch tape helps to keep the heart shape while stamping. We did end up buying some pink envelopes at Michaels with a $5 off a $5 dollar purchase the other day, so they were free!

Bennett was quite pleased that he made them all by himself and wanted to make sure there was a Valentine for his teacher too. :)  Hooray for Homemade Valentines!

This craft reminded me that I want to buy some trays to do this type of craft on.  Something to keep an eye out for.

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