Reading Nook

Reading is not something that was emphasized during my childhood. I actually hated to read, mostly because of comprehension issues that I had. I read whatever I had to for school and that was it.   I didn’t read for pleasure until adulthood.  My husband reads like a mad person.  He can devour a novel in a day.  He loves to read and re-read books over and over. I want my children to love books like him.  I thought one of the best ways to encourage them to read is to have a comfy special spot to sit and read.

I saw a neat Book Nook by Naptime Decorator on Pintrest and knew I wanted to make some letters to put up on the wall by Bennett’s comfy chair like the ones I’d seen.

I bought some ready to finish letters at JoAnn Fabric and a bottle of red paint.  All total I spent about 4 dollars since the letters were on sale and I had a coupon. :)

Some of Bennett’s favorite books are Splat the Cat books. The characters often wear solid colors with tiny white polka dots, so I decided to go with red with tiny white dots. I love red and white together anyway…if you hadn’t noticed.

It took a couple of coats of the red to get a nice even look and then I painted the tiny white dots in a mostly random pattern.

I didn’t realize it until after I was done, but the ‘A’ is shorter than the other letters. It just makes it more unique.  My husband put a clear matte coat of spray paint on them for me since we were having such a nice and sunny afternoon.

I wasn’t sure how to stick them to the wall, so I tried out a couple of different types of stick-ums.  The Scott removable stick-ums didn’t last 2 hours and the letters were falling off the wall.  I switched those out with the Command removable strips, and we haven’t had any trouble with falling letters since.

I want to get to IKEA for some spice racks to use as little book shelves, but for now we just have a cube for a book bucket.  Now Bennett has a dedicated reading nook and he seems quite happy with it. :)

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