Sammy Shark

Last fall I won a Sammy the Shark pattern from Funky Friend’s Factory.  It was right about the time I started having difficulty sitting at my sewing machine because my pregnant belly was getting huge. :)  So the Sammy pattern sat, printed out, waiting for the time to come when I’d be able to sew comfortably again.

My mom got us a membership to the Seattle Aquarium for Christmas and after our last trip Bennett has been even more interested in fish and sharks.  While in the gift shop he really wanted a stuffed shark and I remembered the Sammy pattern I had just aching to be made up, So I promised to make him a shark.

The first time I make a stuffed toy pattern I normally cut out two and make them together in stages.  So I cut and started sewing on 2 Sammy Sharks.  I got all the pieces put together really quickly, but when I got to putting on eyes, I got stuck.  I had absolutely no buttons that would work.  So I let Bennett help to pick out some buttons and the felt for the mouth.

Almost immediately after getting the last bits to finish them I found out that my hometown of Covington, Louisiana is building a Children’s Museum.  I found out that a family friend is one of the Co-Chairs for a fundraiser for the museum.  I knew she was looking for items to raise money and I e-mailed her and offered her the second Sammy for their event.

Well, today I finished both Sammy the Sharks.  Bennett has his Sammy and he’s been “swimming” all over the house tonight.  And the second Sammy will be making his way to the Children’s Museum Fundraiser in St. Tammany Parish next week.

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1 Response to Sammy Shark

  1. Aunt T says:

    Wonderful…hope you’re ready when an order for five hundred comes in from the museum :-)

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