Summer Canning

The blackberries came late this year and have only ripened recently, probably due to the chilly summer we’ve had.  At any rate, I came home with 8 pounds of blackberries!  I froze 3 pounds and proceeded to make up some jam with the rest. I followed the recipe at Coconut & Lime for Blackberry Vanilla Bean Jam, but had to change it up just a bit so that I could use what I had on hand.  I didn’t have any Certo so I just used some regular boxed pectin instead.  I ended up with 10 half pint jars.  They took a good 24 hours to set up, but they did eventually set.


I do like those wide mouth Kerr Jars.  I’ll have to put them on my list to buy more!

I stopped by the Schilter’s Farm stand and picked up 40 pounds of peaches, taking advantage of a coupon they were running. :)

I made spiced peach jam with some of the peaches with cinnamon and nutmeg, based on SB Canning’s Peach Jam recipe. 9 half pints. 


The bulk of the peaches I simply canned in light syrup.  There are few things finer than the brilliance of summer peaches in the middle of a gray Washington winter. 


The peaches had rosy flesh around the pit and it was that which made the syrup turn such a pretty color.

Lastly, I made just a small batch of raspberry jam from some of our You-Pick raspberries from Picha Farms. This lone half pint was what was left over from a cake filling I made for my son’s birthday.  Raspberries are his favorites. :) I used the Raspberry Jam recipe from SB Canning, minus the vanilla.


I have a bunch more peaches to get to and lots more jars to fill.  I’m hoping to get to tomatoes in the coming weeks.

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1 Response to Summer Canning

  1. Ria says:

    Mmm, they all look so yummy!

    I’m probably not going to be able to get much canning done this year, sadly. I’ll probably try to put up a couple of jars of jam, but I think I left it mostly too late to take advantage of really good fruit prices. Next year, though, I’ll remember to put aside a little more money and have a big canning spree, and put aside lots of fruit for the winter! Last year I made a really delicious blackberry-raspberry jam that I want to try again, for one thing!

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