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More Blackberry Jam

While Ginger Boy was enjoying his first day of Pre-K, Ginger Baby and myself went blackberry picking.  With the help of my friend, we picked 8 pounds in about an hour. After running all the berries through my Kitchen Aid … Continue reading

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Summer Canning

The blackberries came late this year and have only ripened recently, probably due to the chilly summer we’ve had.  At any rate, I came home with 8 pounds of blackberries!  I froze 3 pounds and proceeded to make up some … Continue reading

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Vanilla Check-In

I’ve been letting my vanilla sit for just over a month.   This is what it looked like the day I started the batch.           I give it a shake or a swirl ever couple of … Continue reading

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Making Vanilla Extract

Today I went to the Olympia Food Co-op to pick up some Ecos laundry detergent and I remembered that I wanted to get some vanilla beans to make some extract. It’s a pretty simple process of letting split vanilla beans soak … Continue reading

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