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Vanilla Check-In

I’ve been letting my vanilla sit for just over a month.   This is what it looked like the day I started the batch.           I give it a shake or a swirl ever couple of … Continue reading

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Raspberries Canes and a Box of Rocks

Raspberry Canes Last fall my husband’s aunt gave me three golden raspberry canes for my garden.   I wasn’t sure if they were going to survive the transplant and our wild winter. One of the plants had it worse off and I … Continue reading

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Felt Chocolate Bunnies

I didn’t end up making the felt eggs for my March felt food swap, but I did make chocolate bunnies! I made 8 total.  Five were for my felt food swaps, 1 for Bennett’s Easter basket, and 2 extras. They … Continue reading

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Regrowing Celery and Bok Choy

I while back I’d seen on Pinterest that you can regrow celery from the bottom of the stalk.  I had some celery a couple of weeks ago to make sausage casserole, so I thought I’d try regrowing it.     … Continue reading

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Making Vanilla Extract

Today I went to the Olympia Food Co-op to pick up some Ecos laundry detergent and I remembered that I wanted to get some vanilla beans to make some extract. It’s a pretty simple process of letting split vanilla beans soak … Continue reading

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Conversation Hearts

As a child, I remember getting Conversation Hearts for Valentine’s Day.  They were a fun part of my childhood Valentine experience, but for Bennett, they aren’t so much fun.  He has food allergies and sensitivities to artificial dyes.  So, I … Continue reading

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Reading Nook

Reading is not something that was emphasized during my childhood. I actually hated to read, mostly because of comprehension issues that I had. I read whatever I had to for school and that was it.   I didn’t read for … Continue reading

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